Exchanging a Licence

Find out about the requirements for exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Korean one...

Long term residents should apply for a Korean driving licence, or exchange their foreign driving licence for a Korean one once they have received their alien registration card. The following kinds of licence cannot be exchanged for a Korean driving licence:

  • Temporary licence
  • Learner's provisional licence
  • Probationary licence

A foreign driving licence can be exchanged for a Class 2 (regular) Korean driving licence if it meets certain criteria:

  • A licence issued by convention member nations can only be exchanged for a Korean licence of the same class
  • The applicant must be resident in Korea and hold a valid visa and alien registration card
  • Drivers with licences issued from a country other than their home country must provide proof of residency in that country for 90 days or more

The following documents are needed to exchange a licence:

  • Original driving licence, which is held by the Korean Driver's Licence Agency when the Korean licence is issued. Drivers have their original licence returned when they leave Korea on presentation of their plane ticket and passport
  • Confirmation letter issued by the driver's home country embassy which certifies that the original licence is authentic; the letter must be translated into Korean and notarised
  • Passport
  • Alien registration card, to prove residency in South Korea
  • Three colour photographs: 3cm x 4cm

Exchanging a licence from non-convention member nations

Drivers wishing to exchange a licence from an issuing nation which is not recognised by South Korea must undertake an aptitude test and written test. The test can be completed in English, Korean or Chinese and consists of 20 multiple choice questions.

A foreign driving licence can be exchanged for a Korean one at the Driver's Licence Agency or at one of the 26 licence examination centres throughout the country.