Road Traffic Accidents in South Korea

Traffic accident on South Korean roads? Find out who to call and how to fill in the accident report after a car crash...

What to Do At the Scene of an Accident

  • Stop the vehicle or move it to a safe place if possible, so that traffic is interrupted as little as possible
  • Give first aid if there is an injury. If a person is seriously injured, do not attempt to move the injured party unless the person is in danger
  • Report the accident to the nearest traffic police officer or police station

In the event of a minor accident

Minor accidents with no injuries do not need to be reported to the police.

If the drivers involved can come to an agreement between themselves without the involvement of their insurance companies, they should sign an agreement form at the scene of the accident.

If both parties cannot agree on a version of events at the scene, they must contact their insurance companies as soon as possible. While they wait for their insurance companies' representatives to arrive, they should take photographs of the accident as evidence for claim procedures. Drivers involved in the accident should also exchange their contact details and car registration numbers.

In the event of a serious car accident

If there have been injuries or fatalities call for the police and ambulance. If a driver needs a translation service, contact BBB (Before Babel Brigade). This is a volunteer service, which provides translation in 17 different languages:

  • Police and ambulance, Tel: 119
  • Translation service BBB (Before Babel Brigade), Tel: 1588 5644 (no area code necessary)

Vehicles should only be moved with the consent of a police officer or if emergency action is needed. If there are no fatalities and no one is seriously injured, vehicles may be moved to a safe place.

  • For information about traffic accident statistics in Korea: Click here

Insurance Claims

After reporting an accident to the police and insurance company, an insurance claim form should be completed to start compensation procedures. The accident is then investigated by the insurance companies, and both parties have to agree on the outcome. Finally, an insurance payment or settlement fee is awarded.

The following documents are needed to make an insurance claim:

  • Claim form (an English version is available from the insurance company)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Alien registration card
  • Police report
  • Car registration documents
  • Driving licence