Train, Subway and Metro Services

Information on getting around South Korea by train as well as details on the subway systems in major cities...

Train Travel

Korail is the largest train operating company in South Korea. They run a standard rail network, metropolitan subway services and KTX (Korea Train Express), a high speed rail service. There are currently four KTX lines connecting Seoul with the south and west of the country. Tickets can be booked online or at stations and there are a number of railcards which reduce the cost of travelling. A Korea-Japan joint railcard is available which offers discounted travel in both countries.

Subway and Metro Services

Many of South Korea's major cities have subway systems.

Seoul metro is made up of seven lines which serve the greater Seoul metropolitan area. Tickets can be bought at metro stations from "Ticket Vending and Reload" machines; transportation cards are available for commuters who use the metro frequently. Discounts are available for students and young children. The route maps displayed in stations are usually written in English as well as Korean.

Busan metro has four lines connecting the city. Tickets can be bought from automatic ticket machines at stations. Discounts are available for children and teenagers and by buying multiuse tickets. Seniors and the disabled can travel for free.

Daegu subway has two lines crossing the city and 56 stations. Prices are reduced for children and teenagers.

Gwangju subway is a single line service connecting 20 stations around the city.

Daejeon subway was opened in 2006 and currently connects 22 stations around the city. Children are charged half fares and travel cards are available for frequent users of the system.

Incheon metro connects 29 stations across the city along one line. The Incheon subway system is undergoing continuing expansion.