Employment in South Korea

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In order to work legally in South Korea, foreigners must obtain the appropriate work visas. These visas are very specific and stipulate the type of work that can be carried out in the country. If employees change employment, they must inform the Immigration Office and re-apply for the appropriate visa.

Finding Work in South Korea

Many foreigners in South Korea work as English teachers. However, the country's development has led to an increase in employment opportunities available to non-Koreans in other job fields such as the food and drinks industry, consulting and finance.

Job seekers can use websites, job agencies, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines to find employment. There are also job information centres operated by local councils and job centres operated by the national government. Both provide information about job opportunities and vacancies in the local employment market.

  • National Job Centre - free job agency supported by the government (in Korean)
  • Worknet - supported by the Ministry of Employment and Labour

Resources available for English teachers looking for work include: