Registration Procedures

Find out how to establish and register a business in South Korea...

Private business registration

Establishing and registering a private business subject to the Foreign Investment Promotion Act requires:

  • Foreign investment notification
  • Deposit of investment capital (foreign exchange bank)
  • Business registration
  • Foreign invested company registration

Local corporation registration

Establishing and registering a local corporation subject to the Foreign Investment Promotion Act requires:

  • Foreign investment notification
  • Investment capital remittance
  • Incorporation registration
  • Business registration
  • Transfer of paid-in capital to corporate account
  • Foreign invested company registration

Information on the necessary documents for registration, relevant government agents, and step-by-step procedures is available on the Invest Korea website.

Free Economic Zones

The Korean government has established a number of free economic zones that provide additional incentives and tax benefits to foreigners who are investing or starting a business in South Korea. Generally, South Korea requires the business, or the foreign investor, to be located within the free economic zone in order to receive the benefits.

  • For more information on South Korea's Free Economic Zones: Click here

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Information provided by Yun Je Lee, Associate Professor at Ajou University School of Law Attorney at Law in South Korea/California