Teaching English in Seoul, South Korea

Information about teaching English in South Korea; eligibility and the qualifications required, how to apply for an E-2 visa, the documents required and how to find a job as an English teacher...

Teaching English is one of the most popular and common jobs held by expatriates living in South Korea. Many of the jobs are in Seoul itself and there is much competition to find a job.

Jobs are available in both the public and the private sector; at universities, private institutions (known as hagwon or hakwon), within companies for corporate staff and at public schools. However, in order to teach in the public sector (public schools and government positions), candidates may need to provide additional documents, such as reference letters, and prove experience. February and August are the hiring periods for the public sector.

In the private sector (private schools and businesses) job offers may become available all year round, although the best months to find a job are between July and September and February/March.

Most teaching jobs in South Korea are found using a recruitment agency.

Applying directly to the school is possible but not as common. There is also a list of minimum requirements that an applicant must meet before they are eligible to teach in South Korea.