Work Permits in South Korea

Information on the requirements for foreigners coming to South Korea to work: visas, work permits, residence permits, foreign registration cards, and immigration offences...

Types of Visa

The following visas allow the visa-holder to work in South Korea:

  • C-4: Short-term employment - This visa is designed for temporary work, which lasts less than 90 days, for example, in the arts or music industry
  • E-1: Professorship - Academics who intend to give lectures or do research in their field of study at educational institutions beyond college level, need this visa
  • E-2: Foreign Language Instructor - This visa allows holders to teach foreign languages at schools, companies, broadcast organisations and similar facilities. Candidates can only teach their first language (mother tongue), and must be educated to degree level
  • E-3: Research - A visa for research and development in advanced technology or the natural sciences. Candidates must apply to teach in their first language (mother tongue), and must be educated to degree level
  • E-4: Technology Transfer - Anyone invited to Korea to provide technical expertise in the natural sciences or high technology fields needs this visa. It is also for those who have technical expertise unavailable in the country
  • E-5: Professional Employment - This visa is for individuals who hold an international qualification for their profession which is recognised by the Korean government. Examples include law and medicine
  • E-6: Arts & Performances - A visa for sport, music, literary, art or fashion performances for profit
  • E-7: Special Occupations - This visa is designed for specific types of work. To view the list of designated roles: Click here
  • E-10: Vessel Crew - For crew working on ships
  • H-1: Working Holiday - A specific visa for tourists from countries which have entered into an "Agreement on Working Holidays" with South Korea. It allows for short-term work to earn money to cover travelling expenses. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 if they are from Japan and Australia, or 18 and 30 if they are from New Zealand or Canada. Visa holders can live in South Korea for a maximum of one year

More information about work permits can be found on the Korea visa portal