How to find a doctor in Barcelona

An easy solution to finding the right doctor...

Spain is one of the countries with a very active tourist industry and a high number of tourists. (82,773,156 foreigners visited Spain in 2018)

Barcelona alone usually has 12 million tourists each year.

Whether you are in Barcelona for tourism or for work, finding an English doctor Barcelona can be complex.

You might not be able to find a doctor nearby that speaks English. 

During the Covid-19 outbreak, a basic checkupor consultation is a must, and easy access to medical care is essential.

Mobidoctor is a top-rated, efficient platform that provides facilities to anyone needing an English-speaking doctor at affordable rates.

How Mobidoctor can help you:

Mobidoctor is a platform that provides consultations with some top-rated doctors.

The platform is open and available for you 365 days from 8 am - 9 pm.

Usually, one has to search for a doctor in Barcelona that speaks English, then book an appointment and wait in a queue. Mobidoctor provides you with an online consultation without you having to wait.

You will receive a consultation and prescription from a doctor within minutes. 

Prescriptions can be used in any pharmacy. 

The 'Sign In' process is quick. It takes only 60 seconds to do so. All you need to benefit from all these facilities is either a Mobile or a Computer.

Moreover, the average consultation charge in Spain is €50Mobidoctor charges €24.

Mobidoctor can save you time and money.