Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona has a full calendar of festivals and events throughout the year. Here you will find information and a description of the events, with links to their websites where available...

As well as the national public holidays in Spain each region has its own calendar of festivities: ferias and fiestas. These festivals showcase traditional dances, processions, firework displays, music, markets and food and drink. Many festivals in Spain have their origins in ancient tradition and religion, often celebrating saints' days, but also marking gastronomic and sporting events.

Festivals in Honour of Patron Saints

Diada de Sant Jordi: (23 April) Celebrations in honour of the patron saint of Catalonia St-George (Sant Jordi). Also known as Lovers Day, couples exchange presents, traditionally a rose or a book, and the streets of Barcelona are filled with book stands. There are also performances in the streets of the sardana, the traditional Catalan dance, to add to the romantic ambiance.

Eve of Sant Joan: (23 June) Dancing, bonfires and fireworks throughout the streets of Barcelona in honour of St-John (Sant Joan). Parties are held until the sun rises and coca, a traditional cake, is eaten.

Festa de la Mercè: (24 September) One of the biggest celebrations in Barcelona, in honour of the patron saint of Barcelona, Our Lady of Mercy (Nostra Senyora de la Mercè). The festival involves parades through the streets, traditional dances (sardanas), sporting events, fireworks and religious celebrations.

Other Events and Festivals in Barcelona

Sónar Music Festival: Annual festival of multimedia arts and progressive music. Non-stop concerts and DJs at various locations in Barcelona. Events usually takes place in June over three days.

Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya: (early October) The Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia is an annual fantasy film festival showing new releases, classics, Catalonian and alternative films. Several awards are presented, including the Méliès d'Or for the best fantasy film.

Primavera Sound Festival: Rock music festival that takes place in May or June every year at the Parc del Fòrum.

Festival el Grec: (end of June onwards) Arts festival, with a number of performances taking place including concerts, dances and other cultural activities. Events are held at various locations in Barcelona.

Festa Major de Gràcia: (August) Street festival to celebrate the summer in the Gràcia neighbourhood, with live music, parties and firework displays. The streets and squares of Gràcia are filled with flowers and street art. Each year there is a correfoc, where devils run through the streets holding giant sparklers on sticks.