Sailing and Boating in Barcelona

Safety information and contact details for organisations providing yacht and boat training in Barcelona...

Along the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona there are many marinas fully equipped to offer sailing and water sports facilities to visitors.

Safety Information

Service Telephone
Police Tel: 112
Sea Rescue Service (Salvamento Maritimo) Tel: 900 202 202
Regional Centre for Coordination of Rescue and Maritime Safety (Centro de Coordinación de Salvamento)
At: Edifici Torre de Salvament, Ctra. Circumval·lació, Tram VI, 08040 Barcelona

Tel: 932 234 733  
Fax: 932 234 613

Spanish National Meteorological Office Website
Weather in Catalonia Website

Ports in Barcelona and Catalonia

The Catalan Association of Sports and Tourist Ports has information on ports throughout Catalonia.

  • For a list of all the ports in Catalonia and information and contact details of each port: Click here and choose ports from the drop-down menu
  • Barcelona Port

Catalonia Yacht Clubs and Associations

The Catalan Federation of Sailing (Federació Catalana de Vela) has information on sailing schools, competitions and a list of sailing clubs in Catalonia.

Further Information