Accessibility in the Canary Islands

Information on the facilities available in the Canary Islands for people with disabilities; with details on accessibility and getting around on public transport...

Hotels in Spain are largely accessible for wheelchair users. Some hotels have lifts and disabled access but it is advisable to check hotel websites for details before booking.

Wheelchair users may find that getting around towns in the Canary Islands can be difficult, and organised trips and events are not readily accessible to people with a disability. The Spanish Association for the Disabled (La Confederación Española de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica - COCEMFE) can help and advise people with disabilities who are planning a vacation in Spain.

Public Transport


The Tenerife bus company TITSA operates a fleet of modern vehicles, with 99 percent of urban buses and 30 percent of the intercity fleet accessible to wheelchairs. TITSA provides a special service along the Santa Cruz - Costa Adeje route (Linea 110). This service has vehicles specifically designed for wheelchair access (allowing space for six), leaving each destination twice daily from Monday to Friday. Booking is required:

  • Tel: 922 531 300 from 08:00-14:00
  • For further information about the service: Click here

A special travel card (bono personas con discapacidad) is available for people with disabilities, allowing holders a 70 percent reduction on the price of the normal travel card.

Gran Canaria

In Gran Canaria, Global SU runs lines around the island with a modern fleet of vehicles. Not all have facilities for people with disabilities and the lines are subject to change. It is advisable to contact the company by telephone between 15:00-21:00 to confirm that the line you intend travelling on has the necessary facilities.

  • Tel: 928 252 630 (information in English)

In the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Gauguas buses have low doors and suitable access for the disabled.

There is a special 'Yellow bus' service (Guagua Amarilla) available to people with severe mobility disabilities. The service must be booked by telephone 24 hours in advance, Tel: 928 460 511.


Bus services on the island of Lanzarote are run by Intercity Bus. They operate modern vehicles with ramps and access suitable for accommodating those with reduced mobility.


The bus service in Fuerteventura is run by Tiadhe with a fleet of modern vehicles that offer ramps for passengers with reduced mobility. Mini buses and other smaller vehicles suitable for the disabled are also available for private hire.

La Palma

Bus routes in La Palma are operated by Transporte La Palma. Not all services have vehicles with access for people with disabilities. Buses with disabled access have the times marked in red on the timetable on the company's official website.

El Hierro

The bus routes in El Hierro are operated by Transhierro. However, only Lineas 1 and 2 have vehicles suitable for disabled access.

La Gomera

The bus service in La Gomera is operated by Guagua Gomera and does not have vehicles suitable for people with reduced mobility.


Airports in Spain comply with EU regulation EC1107/2006 and operate an assistance service for those with reduced mobility. More information about facilities available at each airport can be found individually on their websites: