Activities and Outings for Toddlers

Find out about the facilities available to you and your toddlers in Spain...

Mothers with small children will find that there are toddler groups about but these will vary greatly depending on the region. There is unlikely to be much available in rural areas.

In the larger cities and towns and in the tourist areas where there are English speakers who have relocated to Spain, it is usually possible to find groups to join.

It is worth asking at tourist offices and local consulates too, as these tend to provide all sorts of information of interest to new residents.

Out and about with toddlers

Children are rarely left at home in Spain so most places are used to catering for them including restaurants.

Spain has plenty of activities for those with young children. Again the range of facilities on offer will depend on location. Most towns have parks which are generally well maintained as well as swimming pools and other facilities.

To find out what is available locally the tourist office or the online equivalent for the area is a good source of information. The demand among non-Spaniards for child friendly activities means that there are now facilities such as soft-play areas in some towns and cities.

The Spanish rail network RENFE allows under four-year-olds to travel free of charge.

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