Animal Organisations in Spain

Where to get assistance if you lose your pet in Spain...

In the event of losing your pet or finding a lost pet, there are a number of things that can be done.

Found a pet in Spain?

  • Take the animal to a local vet who will check if it is identified
  • If it is not identified the finder may keep it or contact the SPA (Sociedad Protectora de Animals) to ask for help. There are branches in some cities.
  • The last option is to take the animal to the public kennels (Perrera Municipals), where, if nobody wants it and it is unclaimed within 13 days, it will be euthanised.

Lost a pet in Spain?

  • Contact local vets and give the pet's identification number
  • Contact the Archivo de Identificación del Colegio de Veterinarios:
    Tel: 934 189 294 (office hours)
    Tel: 902 170 401 (24 hour service)
  • Report the animal missing at the local police station, and provide a photograph and description of the pet
  • Contact SPA (Sociedad Protectora de Animals) to ask for help

Animal abuse organisations

Awareness of animal abuse is growing, and even though regulations are not consistent throughout the country, organisations are claiming animal rights and there have been cases of people being fined for abusing animals.

There are many organisations that take care of animals in Spain.

·         Association of Animal Protection in Spain.