Deposit and Payments

Information on the deposit that is always due when renting a flat or house in Spain, also details on rent increases...

On signature of the rental contract, tenants are required to pay the landlord a deposit (fianza) equal to one month's rent. This guarantees that the property can be returned to the owner in the same state as before the occupation.

This deposit cannot be used to pay the rent to the landlord. It is returned when the tenant moves out, assuming that the property is in good condition.

After a five year rental period, rent increases require an increase of the deposit paid.


The amount of rent is agreed between both parties. Normally rent is monthly, paid on an agreed date as stated on the rental contract. The landlord may not ask for more than one month's rent to be paid in advance.

The tenant receives a written receipt justifying that the rent has been paid, unless it is accredited by other means, such as proof of payment through bank transfer. These receipts - and other proof of payment - are important as it constitutes an implicit contract.

During the first five years, rent may be increased or reduced according to the consumer price (inflation) index (Índice de precios al Consumo, IPC). After that period, rent increases according to what both parties agreed when signing the rental contract.


Although expenses produced for daily use of the property, such as community fees, or real estate tax (IBI), must be paid by the landlord, tenants may be required to pay, if agreed by both parties in the rental contract.

Unless otherwise agreed, tenants pay for gas, electricity and telephone bills.

Rent assistance

The Spanish government provides rent assistance to qualifying young couples aged 22 to 30. The package includes a monthly payment, deposit and rent insurance.

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