Gas Supply in Spain

Find out how to get connected to Spanish gas mains and how to buy bottled gas in Spain...

When moving into a property with mains gas (currently only in the major cities), contact the local gas company to have the gas switched on, the meter read and to sign a supply contract. A bill will be sent bi-monthly (every two months), which will include VAT (IVA) Gas can be paid by direct debit (domiciliación bancaria). Naturgy is one of the main supplier for all regions of Spain.

If there is no mains gas, butane bottled gas (bombonas) can be delivered or may be available from local petrol stations, supermarkets and other suppliers, depending on the area.

A contract with a supplier is needed initially in order to receive bottled gas. Before this contract is approved, the supplier will require a safety inspection where it will check the property where the gas appliance is to be used.

The property owner will also need to provide the following paperwork:

  • Photocopy and original of passport or NIE
  • Photocopy of another utility bill for the same address
  • Certificate provided by technician for gas inspection.

A refundable deposit is payable on each gas bottle the first time it is purchased. Once the bottle is empty, it can be exchanged for a full one. Appliances must be serviced every five years (servicing can be arranged through the bottled-gas supplier or an authorised distributor). The price of gas fluctuates from time to time, but is fixed at the same rate at all suppliers.

Gas Companies