Domestic Water Supply in Spain

Understanding the Spanish water supply system and the different providers involved......

Local municipalities usually control the water supply in Spain and pass on the responsibility of distribution to a private or public company. The seller of the house or the landlord must supply the new resident with the most recent water bills paid to the utility company. The Town Hall provides information on which water company supplies a property. If renting the same procedure applies, unless utilities are included in the rent.

  • Water restrictions are common place in some regions and water saving is encouraged
  • The following documents are necessary to obtain water
  • Photocopy of the property title deed (Escritura) or rental contract of the property in the applicants name
  • Photocopy of the passport/residence permit or NIE number
  • Official water installation certificate (Boletin del agua) provided by a certified plumber (in the case of a new property)
  • Payment of the contract fee
  • Bank account details in order to set up payment of bills on Standing Order

When transferring a water contract from one name to another, ensure all previous bills have been settled by the previous owner otherwise the new owner is liable for any outstanding debts.

There is usually a quarterly charge for minimum consumption, (canon de consumo) even if no water is used during the billing period. Some regional governments issue a charge for water purification. Late bill payments incur a surcharge. In some areas, the water bill is combined with a refuse collection and sewerage fee.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has comprehensive details on subjects like water resources, water quality and flood management.

The Spanish Association of Water Treatment and Control (Asociacion Espanola de Empresas de Tratamiento y Control de Aguas) is responsible for bringing together companies in the water sector