English-language Cinemas on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida

Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, and where to find your nearest cinema...

There are some cinemas on the Costa Blanca and the surrounding area that show English language films with Spanish subtitles. These films are listed as VO (versión original), VOS (versión original subtitulada) or lengua originale films. When looking for films screened in English, look for "VO" or "VOS" beside the listing.

Note: VO films are not always in English. To find out about a film and its language, use the title search option of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Some cinemas advertising VO films show the film in Spanish but transmit the original version language soundtrack via headphones. Viewers can rent the headsets to listen to the soundtrack; they are available (with a refundable deposit) from the cinema front desk.

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Regional Cinemas Showing English Language Films

The following cinemas occasionally show English language films:

  • Cine Colci
    : Avda Los Almerndros 35, 03500 Benidorm
    Tel: 965 865 060
  • Cine Colci Rincon
    : Avda Zamora s/n, 035000 Benidorm
    Tel: 965 853 859
  • Cine Roma
    : El Hort s/n, 03580 Alfaz del Pi
    Tel: 965 888 266
  • Torrevieja Cultural Centre
    : Centro Commercial Virgen del Carmen, 03180 Torrevieja
    Tel: 966 706 838
  • Kinepolis
    : Centro Comercial Plaza Mar 2, 03016 Alicante
    Tel: 965 220 192


  • Cine Centrofama
    : Centro Comercial Centrofama Puerta Nueva, 30008 Murcia
    Tel: 968 247 530
  • Centro Comercial Las Velas
    : C/ Catamarán 1, Los Narejos, 30710 Los Alcázares, Murcia
    : 615 146 965

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