Catalonia Utilities – Emergency and Service Numbers

Problems with your water, electricity or gas? Find the contact numbers for the main utility services in Girona and the Costa Brava...

There are specific numbers you can call if there is a problem with your utility services.

Regional Water

The main private urban water company in Spain is Agbar Water, with services available in all autonomous communities in Spain. Agbar operates under different names in different regions.

  • Agbar Water
    : Torre Agbar, Av Diagonal 211, 08018 Barcelona
    Tel: 933 422 000
    Emergencies Tel
    : 900 700 720
    Customer Service Tel: 900 710 710
  • Agbar Water - Aigües de Girona, Salt i Sarrià de Ter
    : Ciutadans 1, 17004 Girona
    Tel: 972 201 737
    Fax: 972 410 797
    Open: Summer (mid-June through September), Monday to Friday 09:00-13:30. Winter, Monday to Friday 09:00-13:30 and Wednesdays 17:00-19:00

Electricity and Gas

Electricity and gas customers in Spain may choose to purchase their electricity and gas in a regulated pricing structure or use the "free market", meaning customers may choose a local supplier and pay unregulated prices. Endesa is the primary supplier of domestic electricity and gas in Spain.

  • Fecsa Endesa
    Customer Service/Emergencies Tel
    : 902 536 536


Endesa is the primary domestic mains gas provider on the Costa Brava and is serviced by the following distributors in Catalonia:

  • Gas de Figueres
    Emergencies Tel
    : 900 860 600
  • Gas Natural
    Emergencies Tel
    : 900 750 750
  • Naturcorp Redes
    Emergencies Tel: 900 400 523

Repsol offers bottled butane and propane gas products for the home.

  • Repsol
    : 901 100 100

Postal Service - Correos

The Spanish postal service has a comprehensive website in English with information on all postal services. There is also an online facility to search for a local Post Office.


For technical problems with mobile phones, it is recommended that customers contact their mobile phone supplier. A list of mobile/cellular phone service providers in Spain can be found on the Mobile Phones Guide.

For technical problems with landlines, contact the phone supplier. More information can be found on the Telephone Service Guide.

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