English Language Cinemas on the Costa Brava

Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today on the Costa Brava, and where to find your nearest cinema...

There are some cinemas along the Costa Brava that show English-language films with Spanish or Catalan subtitles, but most films tend to be dubbed (doblado). Films in their original language are shown as VOSE (versió original subtitulada en espanyol) "original version subtitled in Spanish" or VOSC (versió original subtitulada en català) "original version subtitled in Catalan".

When looking for films screened in English, look for the marking "VO", "VOSE" or "VOSC" beside the showing.

Note: VO films are not always in English. To find out about a film and its language, use the title search option of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

To search for films showing in Spain, see:

Regional Cinemas Showing English-language Films

  • Cinema Arinco de Palamos
    Multi-screen cinema that is part of the two-cinema Cinemes Palamós group. VOSE movies often screened on Tuesdays.
    At: Avenida 11 de Setembre, 17230 Palamós (Girona)
    Tel: 972 315 473 / 972 314 095
  • Cinema Truffaut
    Classic and art-house films screened in the original language
    : Portal Nou 7, 17004 Girona
    Tel: 972 225 044
  • OCine - Girona
    Multiplex that screens some VOSE movies.
    At: Carrer Pont de la Barca, Zona Sant Ponç 12-14, 17001 Girona
  • OCine - Platja d'Aro-Parc d'Aro
    Multi-screen cinema that occasionally shows original-version films, generally on the second and fourth Thursday evening of the month except August
    Tel: 972 826 697
  • Palafrugell Cultura
    Municipal theatre, showing films in their original language on Friday evenings
    Tel: 972 611 172