Festivals and Events on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava has a full calendar of festivals throughout the year. Here you will find information and a description of the events, with links to their websites where available...

As well as the national public holidays in Spain, each region has its own calendar of festivities: ferias and fiestas. These festivals showcase traditional dances, processions, firework displays, music, markets and food and drink. Many festivals in Spain have their origins in ancient tradition and religion, often celebrating saints' days, but also marking gastronomic and sporting events.

The Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona tourism website has a very easy-to-use search feature to find the date of festivals in towns in the region.

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Some traditional festivals of religious origin

The way these festivals are celebrated varies from town to town, depending on the location and particular heritage of each place. Processions and parades in coastal towns often include parades by boat and other events on the water.

Epiphany, Three Kings: An annual festival on Epiphany in celebration of the arrival of the three biblical Kings from the Orient. Each town may celebrate slightly differently, with a costumed parade and gifts and sweets for children.

Carnestoltes: An ancient festival now celebrated at Lent, with costumed parades, fireworks, the preparation of huge pans of communal food. It often includes the ceremony of the "burying of the sardine".

Semana Santa: Easter week is celebrated annually with a costumed procession of the "Burial of Our Lord" on Good Friday, with participants in Girona dressed as Roman legionaries. Parades and festivities continue through Easter Monday.

Diada de Sant Jordi: (23 April) Celebrations in honour of the patron saint of Catalonia, St-George (Sant Jordi). Also known as Lovers Day, couples exchange presents, traditionally a rose or a book, and the streets of some town are filled with book stands. There are also performances in the streets of the sardana, the traditional Catalan dance, to add to the romantic ambiance.

Eve of Sant Joan, Firefox Night: (23 June) Dancing, bonfires and fireworks in honour of St-John (Sant Joan). Parties continue until sunrise and coca, a traditional cake, is eaten.

The Festival of Sant Narcís: A week of non-stop activities in late October, and Girona’s biggest annual festival. Celebrations include the traditional procession of giant figures and the fire-run, street markets, a trade fair, a fun fair and activities for kids, live music concerts and more.

Other local annual events

Semana de Gastronomia: Girona's annual gastronomy festival, usually held in March-April, with many local restaurants participating in a week of showcasing typical, local cuisine.

Girona Temps de Flors: A time for flowers, an annual Girona celebration during May with flower and art exhibitions throughout the streets, public buildings, monuments and parks of town.

International Museums Day: The museums of the Costa Brava join a growing worldwide trend to have an annual open day, usually on 18 May, where all museums are free and open to the public for extended hours.

Dia Internacional de Musica: (21 June) An annual International Music Day, which has evolved out of France's annual Fête de la Musique. Restaurants, parks and public squares become the venues for a night of free concerts by amateur and professional musicians of all genres of music. Concerts take place throughout the region.

Festival de Músiques Religioses: Girona's annual World Religious Music Festival brings together musicians from around the world. Usually held over June and July, dates and the events programme are announced in the weeks before.

Escènit: Girona's annual summer culture festival held in July, with musical performances, dance, open-air cinema, theatre and a special programme of guided tours for visitors.

Temporada Alta, Fiesta De Teatro: (October-December) An annual three-month international festival of theatre, music and dance at various venues.

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