Visiting Museums and Monuments on the Costa Brava

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The Costa Brava museums offer a broad range of exhibits, from Surrealist art to contemporary sculpture to toys. This page features some of the highlights. Opening hours can vary and are best checked with the local tourist office.

The Fundacío Gala-Salvador Dalí operates three museums dedicated to the artist:

  • The Dalí Theatre-Museum, Figueres
  • The Gala Dalì Castle, Pùbol
  • The Portlligat House-Museum, Cadaquès

The three museums are located in different towns, therefore the foundation suggests two days be dedicated in order to see them all.

Dalí Theatre-Museum

The Dalí Theatre-Museum in Salvador Dalì’s hometown of Figueres was created by the artist to house his works of Surrealist art. Housed in the burnt-out remains of the former Municipal Theatre of Figueres, the selection of works is broad and spans his entire career. Paintings, engravings, holograms, stereoscopes and photos are among the collection of more than 4,000 pieces. The artist’s grave is also located at the museum.

The Dali Theatre-Museum is made up of three museum spaces: the Theatre-Museum; the extensions of the museum in the Torre Galatea; and the Dalí-Jewels, an exhibit that includes a set of gold jewellery and corresponding drawings created by Dalí.

  • Dalí Theatre-Museum
    At: Gala-Salvador Dalí Square 5, E-17600 Figueres
    Tel: 972 677 500
    Fax: 972 501 666

Disabled access is limited due to the nature of the museum site and must be pre-arranged with museum staff.

Gala Dalí Castle

The Gala Dalí Castle is a medieval castle that Dalí gave to his muse and wife, Gala, as a personal refuge for her. After her death, he lived for short time in the home. The collection includes some of her personal affects as well as some art works by Salvador Dalí.

Most of the Gala Dalí Castle has been adapted for disabled visitors (though the bathroom is not). Disabled access is available through the gateway on Fora Muralla Street; staff can be notified via the intercom located at the gateway.

Portlligat House-Museum

The Portlligat House-Museum is where Salvador Dalí primarily lived and worked from 1930 until 1982.

Note: reservations are required to visit the Portlligat House-Museum.

Museum of the Empordà

The Museum of the Emporda features a collection of ancient, medieval, Baroque, modern and contemporary art, and is considered one of the finest art collections in Spain.

Parc Art

Parc Art is an innovative contemporary sculpture museum set in the great outdoors. In addition to the over 150 pieces of art dotted around the one hectare park, a small zoo is also located on the premises, making it a potential day out for the whole family.

  • Parc Art
    : Veïnat de Matamala, Cassà de la Selva
    Tel: 972 463 081

Toy Museum of Catalonia (Museu del Joguet de Catalunya)

The Toy Museum of Catalonia features thousands of toys and shows how they have developed over time. The collection includes toys that once belonged to celebrities such as Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró

Archaeology Museum of Catalunya-Girona

Set in a Romanesque monastery, the Archaeology Museum of Catalunya-Girona features artefacts from the Paleolithic period to Medieval times. There is a nominal admission fee. Admission is free on the last Sunday of the month.

  • Archaeology Museum of Catalunya-Girona
    : Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, Pça. de Santa Llúcia s/n, 17004 Girona
    Tel: 972 202 632
    Fax: 972 210 454
    Hours: October to May 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-18:00. June to September 10:30-13:30 and 16:00-19:00. Holidays 10:00-14:00. Closed Mondays

Museum of the Mediterranean

The Museum of the Mediterranean (Museu de la Mediterránia) is a cultural centre dedicated to providing cultural events and educating the public about the Mediterranean culture.

  • Museum of the Mediterranean
    : c. Ullà 27-31, 17257 Torroella de Montgrí
    Tel: 972 755 180
    Fax: 972 755 182

Castle and Cloister of the Old Convent of Sant Domènec de Peralada

The town of Peralada is an architecturally notable site, with the castle standing out as an especially important feature. The cloister of the old convent of Sant Domenec is also especially notable. The cloister dates from the 13th century and features biblical scenes on the capitals.