English-language Movies on the Costa del Sol

Information on how to find full listings of which English-language movies are showing today on the Costa del Sol, and where to find your nearest cinema...

There are some cinemas on the Costa del Sol and the surrounding area that show English language films with Spanish subtitles. There are some cinemas on the Costa del Sol and the surrounding area that show English-language films with Spanish subtitles. These films are listed as VO (versión original), VOS (versión original subtitulada), VOSE (versión original subtitulada en Español) or lengua originale films. When looking for films screened in English, look for "V.O.", "V.O.S." or "V.O.S.E." beside the listing. Note: VO, VOS and VOSE films are not always in English. 

Note: VO films are not always in English. To find out about a film and its language, use the title search option of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

  • To find out which films are showing in English on the Costa del Sol this week, see Angloinfo Events.

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English-language Movies: Costa del Sol

These are the cinemas which frequently show films in English on the Costa del Sol. It is advisable to double check screening times on the cinema's website, as it is not uncommon for changes to be made to the schedule mid-week.


  • Multicines Alfil
    Eight-screen cinema.
    At: C/ Camilo José Cela, Fuengirola
    Tel: 952 593 587
  • CineSur Miramar
    12 screens with some films shown in English.
    At: Avenida de la Encarnación, Parque Miramar, Fuengirola
    Tel: 952 198 600


  • Cinesur Malaga Nostrum
    At: Carretera de Sevilla, Malaga
    Tel: 902 221 622
  • Cine Pixel
    Films shown in VO every Tuesday
    At: CC La Trocha, Carretera Malaga Km 1, Coin
    Tel: 951 315 039
  • Cine Albeniz 3D
    Four cinema screens with films regularly screened in VO.
    At: Alcazabilla, 4, 29015, Malaga
    Tel: 952 121 031
  • Yelmo Cineplex 3-D
    20-screen cinema located within a shopping centre.
    At: Plaza Mayor, C/ Alfonso Ponce de León 1, Parador del Golf
    Tel: 902 220 922

Rincon de la Victoria

  • Yelmo Cineplex
    16-screen cinema open daily.
    At: Centro Comercial Rincon de la Victoria, Ctra Totalan, Málaga
    Tel: 952 978 707


  • Cinesa La Cañada 3D
    Eight-screen cinema located within the Centro Comercial La Canada on the Marbella by-pass, showing one English-language film in the afternoon.
    At: Ctra. Circunvalación, salida Ojén
    Tel: 902 333 231
  • Cines Teatro Goya
    Seven-screen multi cinema complex showing original versions of films with Spanish subtitles.
    At: Avenida J. Iglesias s/n, (Puerto Banús) Marbella 
    Tel: 952 810 077


  • CineSur El Ingenio
    12-screen complex.
    At: Avenida Juan Carlos 1, Velez-Malaga
    Tel: 952 547 309


  • Cinesur Bahía de Cádiz
    Large cineplex that shows VO films from time-to-time.
    : Avenida de las Cortes s/n, 11011 Cádiz
    Tel: 902 221 622
  • Multicines el Centro
    Multi-screen cinema that occasionally screens original version films.
    : Calle Barrie, 11001 Cádiz
    Tel: 956 808 106