Rincón de la Victoria on the Costa del Sol

Information about the history of the town, the not-to-be-missed caves and Strong House...

Rincón de la Victoria is situated 12 Km east of Malaga. The town was once a small fishing village but has been significantly developed in the last decade and, as of 2006, had a population of approximately 32,000. This number swells considerably in the summer tourist season.


Rincón de la Victoria has two main tourist attractions, the Strong House (La Casa Fuerte de Bezmiliana) and the Treasure Cave (La Cueva del Tesoro).

The 18th century Strong House (La Casa Fuerte de Bezmiliana) is a fortress, built during the reign of Carlos III as part of the area's defence against British and Dutch pirates. The Strong House has an art gallery where concerts occasionally take place.

The Treasure Cave (La Cueva del Tesoro), Europe's only visible marine cave, is situated just outside Rincón de la Victoria. The main gallery is 500 metres long and contains cave drawings of animals and ceramics. It is believed that the 7th century Emperor Tasulin hid his treasure in the cave, and although many treasure hunters have tried to find it, they have not yet succeeded. In August, a music festival takes place in the caves.

Leisure Activities In and Around Rincón de la Victoria

With so many sunny, dry days in the year, golf is a popular activity in Spain.

For those who enjoy walking and discovering the beautiful Spanish outdoors, there are two walks of note along the beach. The first is to the shrine of the town patron, Virgin del Carmen. This walk requires some rock climbing. The second walk is to La Cala, where the road cuts through a cliff. The inside of the cliff has recently had lights and a path put in it to make easy access for pedestrians. For further information, contact the tourist office.

Every Wednesday the local market can be found near Cotomar.

Rincón de la Victoria Information and Contacts

Service Contact
Ayuntamiento de Rincón de la Victoria (town hall)
: Plaza Al-Andalus, s/n. 29730 Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga
Tel: 952 402 300
Oficina de Turismo (tourist office)
At: Avenida del Mediterráneo nº 17, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria
Tel: 952 407 768
Fax: 952 406 618
Policía Local (municipal police) Tel: 951 212 223
Tel: 092