The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Information about the regulations surrounding the Energy Performance Certificate and how to obtain a certificate for properties for sale or rent...

From June 1 2013 it is a legal requirement that all properties for sale or rent in Spain must have an Energy Performance Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energética, CEE). The certificate provides information about a property’s energy use and energy efficiency. It includes recommendations for avoiding energy waste. The certificate gives the property a rating between A and G based on its energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

The regulations were brought into Spain following an EU Directive aimed at reducing primary energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2020. This is commonly known as the “20-20-20” objective, which all EU member states adhere to.

  • For more information about the Energy Performance Certificate visit: The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (website in Spanish)

When is an Energy Performance Certificate needed?

Energy Performance Certificates are required as soon as a property is advertised as being for sale or rent. A certificate is needed whether the property is advertised online, with real estate agents or privately. Notaries will require a copy of the certificate in order to sign the deeds to a home.

Some holiday rentals may also require an EPC. Owners of holiday lettings should consult a local lawyer for advice.

Getting the Energy Performance Certificate

Procedures vary depending on autonomous community. In general, properties will need to be evaluated by a qualified technical surveyor or certifier, who will then report the findings to the local government or Junta. The cost of the inspection will depend on the size of the property. A certificate will then be issued to the homeowner or landlord by an official from the local government EPC registry office. An Energy Performance Certificate for a property is valid for ten years.

If a homeowner or landlord fails to obtain an EPC, they may be fined. Sales and rental contracts can be declared void. Purchasers and tenants can demand compensation.

Further Information

  • EPC Spain: Provides information on the EPC certificate and how to obtain one.
  • BUILD UP: a European web portal providing information and tips on how to save energy in homes