Telephone Service in Spain

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Spain...

Movistar (previously known as Telefónica) is the national supplier of landline telephone service, cellular/mobile telephone service, Internet and ADSL. Long-distance and Internet service may be obtained through other providers, but the basic landline will still be provided through Movistar

Note: while Movistar is the only provider authorised to install physical landlines, there are many other companies that offer telephone accounts. For listings, see the Internet, Telephone, VOIP and WiFi category of the Angloinfo Business Directory.

Other phone companies include:

The following information may be required by Movistar when contacting the call service:

  • Movistar bill (if available) or a recent utility (electricity) bill
  • NIE and passport number
  • Bank account details
  • Mobile number of a friend or a neighbour

Bilingual agents can be hired to assist in getting telephone and Internet service established. The agent acts as a go-between with Movistar and provides contracts and other information (including manuals) in English.

Getting a telephone line installed

Movistar used to be the only company authorised to install landlines in Spain, but since the company is no longer state owned it is not obliged to provide lines meaning installation is subject to regional availability. Installation in remote areas, new developments or areas that are rural, difficult-to-reach or have rough terrain, may be subject to lengthy delays (many months).

To obtain a new phone line, it is necessary to contact Movistar directly. The Movistar website has a search feature that allows potential customers to check if desired services are available in their area, though the website is in Spanish.

Getting a telephone line connected

Before moving into an apartment or house, verify if there is a line (the presence of phone jacks does not mean a line is installed). Where a phone line is functioning and "live" it is possible (and less expensive) to transfer the account from the name of the previous occupant to the new one.

Requests for transfers may be done online at the Movistar website and can be submitted up to two months in advance of the changeover. Customers moving within the same Movistar tariff zone may be able to keep their previous Movistar phone number.

To reconnect a phone line, contact Movistar directly by calling them or by visiting a local Movistar shop. Cancelling a telephone line needs to be done in writing and cancellation take 48 hours from when notification is received.

Getting a business line

Contact Movistar directly to establish business telephone and Internet service. This may be done via the Movistar website or local Movistar shop.

Making phone calls

Phone calls within Spain are usually charged by the minute, with charges dependent on the time of day the call is made. Apply for a flat rate plan if a large number of calls are likely to be made. Although Movistar holds a majority of the market, there are quite a few competitors offering reduced pricing plans.

Calls can be made using the existing phone service, pre-paid phone cards, access codes, call-back numbers or over the Internet.

Useful telephone numbers in Spain

To call out of Spain dial the exit code followed by country code and number

00 +

To call into Spain dial entry code followed by Spanish number

34 +

Movistar's English-speaking account inquiry (say "English" at the prompts)

Tel: 1004

Movistar's domestic services (to reach technical support)

Tel: 1004

From a mobile: Movistar's technical support and line fault

Tel: 1004 / 680 / 013 123 300

Spanish directory enquiries

Tel: 11822 / 11818

International directory enquiries

Tel: 11825

To call via an operator

Tel: 1008


Movistar bills can be received on paper by post, electronically via email or accessed at the Movistar website. Landline Movistar bills are generally distributed every alternate month. Payment can be made via direct debit, by cash at a local bank, in Movistar shops and online. If payment is late or not received, Movistar may cut off outgoing service and demand a fee in addition to outstanding bills to re-establish normal service.

Note: In certain areas companies provide telephone and Internet services via cable; this is independent of Movistar.

Technical Support and Customer Services

In the event of a problem with a landline, billing or any other issue, some providers offer support agents and technicians via their websites where issues can be resolved online. The following numbers may also be useful:

Movistar's English-speaking account inquiry (say "English" at the prompts)

Tel: 1004

Movistar's domestic services (to reach technical support)

Tel: 1004

From a mobile: Movistar's technical support and line fault

Tel: 1004 / 680 / 013 123 300