Spanish School Holidays in Madrid

A calendar of the school terms in Madrid: all the dates when the state schools of the comunidad close for vacation...

These are the school calendar dates for the Madrid region.

  • Please note that the dates may vary between districts; confirm dates with the school in question
  • Note also that while all schools close on national public holidays, many also close for their regional holidays and saints' days
  • Private schools and publicly funded preschools may have slightly different dates; check with the relevant school

Please note that the Comunidad de Madrid goes through a length consultation process with local schools before establishing a calendar, and that the publication of their school calendar can be late (by comparison with other provinces) as a result. The calendar is published (in Spanish) on the education portal of when completed.

Madrid School Year 2016-2017
Back to school (primary schools)11 September 2017
Back to school (ESO)11 September 2017
Back to school (FP and bachillerato)11 September 2017
Christmas holiday (Vacaciones de Navidad)23 December 2017 to 7 January 2018
Easter holidays (Vacaciones de Semana Santa)24 March to 4 April 2018
Summer holidays begin (primary & secondary schools)22 June 2018

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