Spanish Public Holidays

Find out when the Spanish public holidays fall throughout the year...

The Spanish term for a bank holiday/public holiday/legal holiday is día feriado or fiesta nacional.

  • Each autonomous province has regional holidays each year in addition to the standard national holidays. Local holidays usually include a local "community day" and a celebration of certain Saints
  • If a public holiday falls on a Sunday it may be celebrated on a weekday
  • All banks and most shops and museums close on public holidays. Bars and restaurants outside tourist areas may close too
  • Hospitals and emergency services do not close on public holidays
  • Taxis may increase their rates for journeys on public holidays
  • When a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, it is common practice to "make the bridge" (hacer puente) by taking off the Friday or Monday so creating a very long weekend. When this happens you may find businesses running on short staff or smaller family run business closed for the full period
  • Seguridad Social provides a calendar including local, regional and town holidays in Spain

Public Holidays 2017

1st January - New Year's Day

2nd January - New Year's Day substitute

6th January - Epiphany

13th April - Maundy Thursday (except Catalonia)

14th April - Good Friday

1st May - Labour Day Holiday

August 15th - Assumption Day

October 12th - Hispanic Day

November 1st - All Saints' Day

December 6th - Constitution Day

December 8th - immaculate Conception

December 25th - Christmas Day