Animals Lost and Found

What to do if you lose a pet, or find one, in Switzerland...

Missing pets

Missing pets with identification (chip or tattoo) registered in the ANIS pet database should be reported as missing to ANIS. Missing dog owners should report their missing pet to AMICUSwhich is the database for dogs.
Pets without identification should be reported missing to the local canton and they will enter the details about the missing animal on to the national lost-and-found pets website. 

Missing dogs should be 

Found animals

A found animal should be reported to the local cantonal office for lost and found animals, police, vet or local animal shelter so they can check to see if the animal has a microchip. If the animal has a microchip it will allow ANIS or AMICUS to identify its owner. Animals without a microchip can be registered on the national lost and found pets website via the local canton.

Website has a comprehensive, interactive map of Switzerland with all cantonal refuges and other animal organisations listed.

Lost and found in Vaud

The canton of Vaud does not subscribe to the national database of lost and found animals. Instead this is managed by the Société Vaudoise pour la Protection des Animaux (SVPA).

If an animal is found in Vaud, it should be reported to the Société Vaudoise pour la Protection des Animaux (SVPA) then be taken to the refuge, the Cantonal Fourrière of Vaud, in Lausanne (see address below).

If an animal is lost in Vaud, contact the refuge (open for calls daily, 24 hours a day). Tel: 021 784 80 00.

Details about lost animals can registered online -  Vaud SPA