Special Needs Education in Geneva

Information on the provision of schooling for physically and mentally disabled children in the Geneva area, including those with autism, ADD and other disorders...

General compulsory education applies also to children and young people with visual and hearing impairments, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental retardation, speech disorders, and behavioural disorders. Special types of schooling are provided to children and young people who cannot meet the usual school standards or who need special educational programs to do so.

For information on special needs education contact:

ASK – All Special Kids

ASK is a Geneva-based network for families with special needs children. It can provide information relating to special needs issues in the region and assistance to newcomers. Monthly support meetings are organised and thematic workshops for parenting a special needs child. The group focuses on helping anglophone families but can also help families of other nationalities.


Association Suisse Romande de Parents d'Enfants Avec Déficit d'Attention et/ou Hyperactivité (ASPEDAH) is an association which provides information and support to parents of children with hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. It can help to find appropriate therapies and treatments.

  • ASPEDAH (in French)
    At: 18 rue du Nugnon, 1005 Lausanne
    Tel: 078 206 0020

Autism Suisse

A Swiss association for parents of autistic children.

Fondation le Cube de Verre

Support and activity group for parents of autistic children. The association can provide advice on resources that are available for children with autism.


Association of parents and friends of the mentally disabled. (Websites in French only).

Association Genevoise d'Insertion Sociale

The aim of this association is to promote the insertion of the physically and mentally disabled, they can provide voluntary helpers for disabled children.

Fondation de Vernand

Association for schooling and special needs education working with over 30 different schools in Geneva and Vaud.

Service Médico Pédagogique

Centre providing help and advice to adolescents and children suffering from psychological and behavioural problems as well as speech impediments.

Handisport Genève

Handisport offer a variety of sports to the disabled and children are welcome in all activities. Sports available include: basketball, swimming, skiing, waterskiing, tennis, sailing, archery, horse riding and table tennis

FEDEA (Fondation pour l'Education des Enfants Autistes) School

Private school for children with autism, providing kindergarten, primary and secondary schooling in English and French.

    : 2 rue du Pont Neuf, 1110 Morges
    Tel: +41 (0)21 803 62 30
    Fax: +41 (0)21 803 62 37

Oak Hill School

Half-day programme for children with diagnosed learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders. Classes are in English.

  • Oak Hill School
    : 31 Chemin de Précossy, 1260 Nyon
    Tel: +41 (0)22 354 01 40
    Fax: +41 (0)22 354 0141

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