Services and Associations for People with Disabilities in Geneva

Find out about facilities and organisations for people with disabilities or special learning needs in Geneva...

Public transport for people with disabilities

People with permanent or temporary disabilities can benefit from on-demand personal assistance when travelling on the Geneva public transport network. The service "Mobilité pour tous" includes a pick-up and drop-off service from the person's home and assistance during the journey. Reservations can be made by telephone 48 hours beforehand.

  • Tel: +41 (0)22 328 11 11
  • For further information: Click here (in French)

The service does not apply to wheelchair users, who should contact the Fondation Foyer Handicap for assistance.

Other transport services for the disabled in Geneva

Blind/visually impaired

The Grand Largue Association organises sailing trips on Lake Geneva for the blind, the visually impaired and for those with reduced mobility.

Deaf/hearing impaired

The Geneva Association for the Hard of Hearing (Association Genevoise des Malentendants) has group meets once a month to discuss issues affecting the hard of hearing. There are also social events too.

Organisations for the disabled in Geneva

  • Geneva Handicap: Regionally specific information and contacts for all disabilities (in French)
  • INSOS Genève: Umbrella association for the disabled in Geneva, providing help for the disabled within the canton 
    At: 11 rue des Minoteries, 1205 Geneva
    Tel: +41 (0)22 810 32 85