Holiday Homes and Hotel Condominium Units

Understand the conditions under which a holiday home may or may not be bought in Switzerland...

The Cantons may introduce provisions which authorise individual persons abroad to acquire holiday homes or hotel condominium units.

In Cantons that did not introduce such provisions an acquisition of holiday homes/hotel condominium units by persons abroad is therefore not possible. Furthermore, the Federal law (Lex Koller) contains provisions regarding the amount (quotas) and the location (designated holiday resort areas) of such homes/units. As a result, the acquisition of such homes/units is only possible in certain municipalities.

As a general rule, the net floor space in holiday homes and hotel condominium units must not exceed 200 square meters. In addition, the acquisition is subject to the condition that the home/unit is used for holiday purposes only and will be sold as soon as it is not used for such purpose any more. However, holiday homes may be periodically rented out. Hotel condominium units must be made available to the hotel owner for hotel operations, especially during high season.

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