Property Rental Jargon Guide

Learn some terms you may come across when renting a property in the Geneva region...

immobilier real estate
immeuble building or residence
logement vide unfurnished rental or property
logement meublé furnished rental or property
ancien built more than 20 years ago
récent built in the last decade
neuf all-new construction
en bon état in good repair
nombre de pieces total number of rooms including reception and bedrooms
cuisine americaine open-walled kitchen
salle de bain bath
salle d'eau bathroom with shower
douche shower cubicle
chambre bedroom
jardin garden
état des lieux condition of property upon moving in or leaving
concierge/gardien superintendent
honoraires d'agence agency fees
dépot de garantie rental deposit
loyer rent
charges locatives monthly fees for collective amenities
assurance habitation home insurance
préavis notice of intent to vacate premises

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