End of Contract

Understand how to legally terminate a lease agreement in Switzerland...

Notice to end the rental contract can be made by the tenant or the landlord so long as it complies with the terms of the contract.

Notice period for tenants is usually three months although if otherwise it may state the terms on the contract. If a tenant wants to leave before the time is due they should propose an appropriate tenant to the landlord.

Landlords must notify their tenants in writing. It is vital that the notice of termination reaches the tenant in good time (at least one day before the beginning of the notice period). If the landlord has not complied with the terms of the contract, the tenant may take their case to the arbitration board.

Loss or damage

Tenants are liable for losses or damage over and above normal wear and tear. A tenant does not need to replace broken items at an "as new" price but at the current value of the item.

Reclaiming the deposit

A landlord will issue a final invoice and the deposit is paid back within approximately two weeks. The deposit may be used to carry out repairs but only with the agreement of the tenant. If a tenant does not agree, a landlord must get a court ruling that repairs will be paid out of the deposit. If that does not happen, then the bank will release the deposit one year later.

The arbitration board (autorités de conciliation) can hear any dispute between land owner and tenant. Tenants' and landlords' associations also assist tenants and landlords in respect of their needs and interests regarding notices of termination.

  • Mieterverband association for tenants (in German)
    Hotline for tenants: 0900 900 800 CHF 3.70/min. for calls from the fixed line network
  • Asloca association for tenants (in French)

Arbitration Zürich

Arbitration Basel

Arbitration Berne

Arbitration Lucerne

Arbitration Zug

Arbitration Geneva

Arbitration Neuchâtel

  • Chambre de conciliation Tribunal du Littoral et du Val-de-Travers
    At: Case postale 3173, 2001 Neuchâtel
    Tel: 032 889 61 80

Arbitration Jura

  • Commission de conciliation en matière de bail du district des Franches-Montagnes
    At: Rue de l’Aurore 8, 2340 Le Noirmont
    Tel: 032 422 74 58

Arbitration Vaud

Contact the relevant district préfecture

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