Landline Telephones

Information on the main telephone providers in Switzerland...

Swisscom is the national telephone supplier providing:

Handy Swisscom Numbers
Customer services +41 62 286 12 12
Customer services from abroad +41 62 286 12 12
Speaking Clock/Telephone time 161
Weather forecasts 162
Traffic information 163
Automatic wake-up service 0900 77 + 4 digit wake up time
Swisscom directory enquiries 1811
Yellow & White Pages directory Website
International dial code in (do not dial the first 0) 41

Getting Connected


A telephone line installation or connection can be ordered via:

  • the Swisscom website
  • at a Swisscom shop
  • via the hotline number, Tel: +41 62 286 12 12

Swisscom will need a copy of a residence permit and a one-off payment for the line connection fee. Foreigners who do not have a C type permit will also have to pay a deposit.

A number will be allocated and the line will be connected within a few days.

  • To request a line, Tel: 0800 800 800
  • Register a change of address: Click here
  • See the comprehensive Swisscom website (in English)

Other telephone providers

Fixed network lines are provided by Swisscom only. However, there are several telecom providers in Switzerland for making calls. When using a provider other than Swisscom, the provider will take care of formalities with Swisscom although the telephone number will remain the same even if the person opts for pre-selection with another provider.

With pre-selection a person can use the provider of their choice. The five-digit code can be centrally programmed by Swisscom. Subsequently, all calls will be directed via that chosen provider. Only one provider can be chosen.

Individual calls can be made with a provider by dialling the corresponding code (for example, 10755 for Alocall).