English Language Media in Geneva

The local English-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Geneva...

Information on the English-language radio (FM and Internet), television, magazines and newspapers available to anglophones in Geneva and the vicinity.

Radio in Geneva

  • World Radio Switzerland available on 101.7 FM broadcasts in English to Geneva and on cable and satellite to the rest of Switzerland. Programming includes contemporary music, chat, news and magazine shows. The programmes are also available streaming live via the Internet.
  • Radio 74 (88.8 FM Geneva and the lake region and 88.1 FM Annecy). Bilingual French/English station with a focus on educational programming, news and discussions. Also available streaming live via the Internet.

Radio on the Internet

  • Radio Frontier is the commercial English radio station in the Lake Geneva region and is available via internet and mobile phone apps, until it moves to the main DAB digital broadcast network in 2012. Radio Frontier provides local news, contemporary music, community programming and a range of lifestyle and What’s On programming.

Television in Geneva

  • Télévision Suisse Romande is based in Geneva, with offices across the country and serves the French speaking Swiss population. English-language programmes are available. Look for the sign "VO" (version originale, which means broadcast in the original language) in the listing or select from the Bicanal option.

Online News

  • GenevaLunch: Online Lake Geneva, Swiss and local community news