Smoking Bans in Geneva

Information on the 2008 ban on smoking in public places, including schools, bars and restaurants in the canton of Geneva...

Smoking restrictions throughout Switzerland are decided on a cantonal level and therefore vary from canton to canton. In February 2008, 79 percent of voters in the Canton of Geneva voted to ban smoking in public places and private premises accessible to the public.

The law went into effect on 1 July 2008.

Smoking is banned in public places and private premises accessible to the public, but is allowed in private hospital rooms, designated hotel rooms, detention centres and businesses specialising in the sale and consumption of tobacco.

Non-compliance will result in a fine of CHF 100-1,000 for the violator as well as a fine of CHF 100-10,000 for the person responsible for the establishment at which the violation occurred. Repeat offenders will be subject to higher fines.

  • For further information from the Canton of Geneva: Click here (in French)

Note: Aspects of this law may be under review.