Places of Interest in Geneva

Information on the main tourist attractions, places of interest and sights to see in Geneva...

Geneva for children

There are a number of activities for children in the region of Geneva: amusement parks, theme parks and water parks.

Tourist attractions

Geneva's Lakefront and Water Fountain: Geneva has a number of beaches on its lake front and boat cruises around the lake are possible Geneva's water fountain has become the symbol of Geneva. The 140m water column is lit up in the evening and on a clear day you can see the Mont Blanc.

The English Garden: One of Geneva's liveliest parks, the English Garden is also the location of the famous Flower Clock. This symbol of the Geneva watch industry is a combination of technology and floral art. The seconds-hand of the clock is the largest in the world measuring over 2.5 metres.

United Nations Building: Headquarters of the United Nations since 1946 it is now the second most important centre of the United Nations after New York. Over 25,000 delegates meet here ever year to negotiate for world peace and many works of art and gifts are on display. The United Nations Building is on Avenue de la Paix.

The Salève

This mini-mountain is the closest mountain to the city and offers views of Geneva and the Mont Blanc. There are many activities for day-trippers including hiking and paragliding. The summit of the Salève is accessible by foot or by cable car (Téléphérique de Salève). The Salève is situated across the French border so passports are necessary.

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