Caravanning and Camping

Information about the camping and caravanning amenities on offer in Switzerland and in the national parks...

Switzerland has about 450 camping and caravan parks with a range of amenities. Many are open all year round.

Permission is required to camp on private property and campers must have an international camping card (carnet). This camping card is usually available from Swiss camping associations and motoring associations (including the AAA and RAC in Britain and the American Automobile Association and Canadian Automobile Association). It serves as an identification document at campsites and provides Third Party insurance when camping.


  • Swiss Camping and Caravanning Federation (Verband Schweizer Campings or Federation Suisse de Camping et de Caravanning)
    At: Banhofstrasse 2, Postfach 3322 Schonbuhl 
    Tel: +41 (0)31 852 0626

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Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is a nature reserve in the eastern corner of Switzerland and is the largest protected area in the country with fauna and flora protected from any human interference and left to their natural development. It offers accommodation, shops, nature trails and guided walks.

At the moment it is the country's only national park, though more are being planned.