Agreement With the EU on Freedom of Movement

Understand the EUs position of freedom of movement within member states...

Switzerland has concluded a specific social insurance agreement with each EU member state. These contracts are based on the principle of equal treatment for all. AHV and IV pensions for which contributions were paid in Switzerland are paid out abroad to citizens of EU states. Persons who were insured in a number of states receive a partial pension for each state. As long as contributions have been paid for at least one year individuals are entitled to claim an AHV or IV pension. However, even the smallest claim cannot be paid out as a once and for all lump sum payment. Persons in gainful employment are only subject to the social insurance system of one country even if their work takes them to various countries.

Information supplied by the Office for Economy and Labour Department of Economics of the Canton of Zürich Walchestrasse 19, 8090 Zürich, Switzerland