Leaving Switzerland and Moving On

Details of how to end contracts for utilities and insurance, end rental contracts, export cars, move pets and notify schools and residency officials when leaving Switzerland...

When leaving Switzerland and moving on there are a number of tasks to be completed before departure.

Anyone who registered with their Embassy on arrival in Switzerland now needs to advise them that they are leaving.

Local Authorities

The Swiss authorities require anyone intending to settle in Switzerland to register their arrival with their home commune within eight days. The commune forwards the information to the cantonal authorities who process the request and send out the residence permit.

Residents will have been issued with one of two types of resident permit: the short-term residence permit (up to 364 days) or a five-year residence permit. Anyone who has an employment contract for a year or longer should have been issued with a residence permit that is valid for five years.

Before leaving Switzerland it is important to notify the local authorities. Contact the Office Cantonale de la Population (OCP). It will ask for the residence permits of those leaving and details of the new address.

It is important to get confirmation of de-registration as it may be required to transfer benefits (such as pension contributions) out of Switzerland.


Swisspost, the Swiss post office, will provide a redirection service for one year.

To arrange this service, go in person to the local post office or visit their website at least one week before the move.