Moving with Animals

Information on what procedure to follow when moving animals to, from, and within Switzerland...

Depending on the destination, some animals may require a period of quarantine. Their move will almost certainly require documentation and possible additional vaccinations or similar medical treatment. Most domestic pets need documentation before they can travel. The EU pet passport covers dogs, cats and ferrets for movement within Europe and the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) allows qualifying domestic pets to travel to and from the UK without a period of quarantine. Local vets can provide information and documentation.

As a general rule, animals have to travel in approved containers and by approved routes. Be aware that sudden outbreaks of diseases (such as avian flu) can affect pet travel. Embassy websites are also good sources of information.

The Swiss Federal Veterinary Office (FVO), Bundesamt für Veterinärwesen (BVET) or Office Vétérinaire Fédéral (OVF) provides comprehensive information, in English, on importing and exporting animals, including dogs, cats, birds and fish.

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