Imports into Switzerland and Exports into France

Information on the limits and allowances of goods (food, wine, spirits, tobacco, perfumes and meat products) when crossing the border between Switzerland and France...

The cross-border allowances on importing goods into either Switzerland and France are set by the respective customs authorities.

Imports into Switzerland

The cross-border food and drink allowances imported personally into Switzerland, exclusively for domestic use, are as follows:

  • The total value of allowance for food and drink (excluding alcoholic beverages) is CHF 300 per person per day.

For the products listed below a quantity allowance applies. All excess quantity is taxable, independent of its value. In addition, if the total value of the imported merchandise is above CHF 300, all merchandise is taxable.

Quantity allowances

Maximum allowance per person per day, as long as it does not exceed the value of CHF 300.

Product Maximum allowance
Butter and cream 1 Kg/l in total
Milk, cheese and other dairy products 5 Kg/l in total
Eggs 2.5 Kg
Vegetables 20 Kg per type
Fruits 20 Kg per type
Meat (beef, veal, pork, lamb), fresh, refrigerated or frozen 0.5 Kg in total
Meat as above (salted, dried or smoked), all types of domestic poultry, sausages and other meat and poultry products 3.5 Kg in total
Other meat and meat products (fish, game) 20 Kg in total
Cereals and flour products 20 Kg per type
Potato products 2.5 Kg
Oil, fat and margarine 4 Kg/l in total
Fruit juices 3 l in total

Alcoholic drink allowances

The quantity limits for alcoholic beverages (for people over 17):

  • Up to 15% alcohol content: 2 litres per person per day
  • More than 15% alcohol: 1 litre per person per day

Exports into France

The total value of merchandise under the cross border allowance is not subject to customs tax (except the products which fall under a quantity allowance listed below):

  • People over 15 from outside the EU: €175.00
  • Cross-border commuters (frontaliers) over age 15: €45.73

All merchandise above these values and quantities needs to be declared and is subject to customs tax and VAT. The tax is payable only on the total value of merchandise above the allowance limit.

Quantity Allowances Outside the EU Cross-border commuters
Cigarettes 200 40
Cigarillos 100 20
Cigars 50 10
Tobacco 250g 50g
Wines 4 litres 1/2 litre
Spirits above 22º 1 litre 1/4 litre
Spirits below 22º 2 litres 1/2 litre
Beer 16 litres 4 litres
Medicines As needed (maximum for three months of treatment, or more with prescription)

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