Exchanging a Driving Licence in Geneva

Information about exchanging a foreign driving licence for citizens living in French-speaking Switzerland...

Documents needed

  • Original driving licence
  • Eye test certificate (less than 2 years old)
  • Two colour passport photos
  • Authorisation for residency or permanent establishment or proof of residence
  • Foreign licence exchange request form

Any person holding a compliant driving licence issued before December 2005 will receive their Swiss licence within two weeks of submitting the application. It is valid for life.

Any person holding a compliant driving licence issued after December 2005 will be given a temporary driving licence valid for three years. During this period they must attend two one-day training courses at an authorised private test centre. Once the person has completed the additional driving courses they will receive their full driving licence.

If the foreign licence being exchanged does not display its date of issue, then a driver record or letter of attestation may be required to prove when the licence was issued. This is particularly applicable to holders of licences from many US states which only show expiration date. (Insurers use this date to decide how experienced a driver is.)

Note: Diplomats and other VIP’s who benefit from judicial immunity are not required to exchange their driving licence. If it is in a language other than French, English, German or Italian, it is advisable to get an international driving licence to accompany the licence.

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