Understand the parking zone colour coding, and where you can park your vehicle...

There are strict fines - and a risk of towing - for drivers who break parking laws.

Parking options are:

  • Park & Ride: parking areas on the outskirts of a town centre with a bus, tram or ferry service to complete the journey
  • White Zones: free parking places for unlimited time
  • White Zones Pay & Display: on-street pay-parking with time limitations. A ticket bought at a street machine is displayed on the dashboard. The car licence plate number must be entered before paying for the ticket
  • Blue Zones: for drivers displaying a blue parking disc (available from police stations, tourist offices and banks). The dial on the blue disc must be set to the time on parking. This provides an amount, usually 90 minutes, of free parking.
    Blue zones are often free out of peak hours.
  • Red Zones: parking is free for up to 15 hours with a red parking disc (available from police stations, tourist offices and banks)
  • Parking meters: many streets have metered parking areas. In some, parking is free at night and over lunch


  • Yellow Zones: Parking forbidden

Car parks/parking garages

While more expensive than other parking options, they are usually more convenient and secure. Take a ticket on entry and pay at a booth before returning to the car. Do not drive to the exit to pay.


  • Unleaded petrol is 95 or 98 octane
  • Diesel