Road Signs

Be aware of the road signs, and what they mean, in Switzerland...

  • Motorway signs (autoroute/autobahn): green background (be aware that in France, Austria and Germany the motorway signs are blue)
  • Other road direction signs: blue background
  • Prohibition signs: red border and have a black symbol over white background
  • Obligation signs: narrow white border and a white symbol over blue background
  • Kettenobligatorium or Chaînes à neige obligatoires: means that snow chains must be put on the tyres. In winter, insurance companies will not accept responsibility for vehicles that do not have winter tyres

There are four languages in Switzerland so road signs and information change across the country.


  • "Exit" on the motorway is a sortie (French) and ausfahrt (German)
  • Geneva can be written as Gèneve or Ginevra