Registering an Imported Vehicle

Importing a car from abroad? Find out how to register it with the Swiss authorities...

Approximately one month after importing a vehicle, the motor registration office will send the owner notification that the owner has up to a year in which the vehicle must pass the official technical inspection (technische Kontrolle/Contrôle technique du véhicule).

Documents required for the technical inspection:

  • Proof of car insurance
  • Customs form number 13.20
  • Original registration card or certificate (log book)
  • Emissions test certificate (test anti-pollution)
  • Technical information concerning the vehicle; maximum speed, weight, engine size, brake horsepower and Swiss fiscal rating (CV) has more on how to register a vehicle 

Both the Automobile Club of Switzerland and the Touring Club of Switzerland are able to carry out a technical inspection which will highlight any necessary modifications that need to be made in order for a vehicle to pass the official technical test.

A foreign car must have the CH sticker on the back. All cars must have a triangular warning sign in the car.

For more information contact the local Road Traffic Office.