Weekly Hours and Salary

Understand the typical hours and salary for workers in Switzerland...

On average the Swiss working week is between 40 and 42 hours. Under Swiss law an employee may work a maximum of 45-50 hours in one week (depending on the sector). Swiss employers often allow their staff to work flexible hours.

Annual leave is a minimum of four weeks or (20 days). For employees under the age of 20, annual leave is 25 days.

Employees automatically get the nine Swiss national holidays although an employee may request to exchange these on national or religious grounds. The agreement given must be in writing.

An employee can also expect to be given two to three days off for their wedding, and one to three days for a death in the family.

There is no minimum wage in Switzerland.

Job vacancies advertised rarely mention salary. A salary often relates to an employee's age and experience and the wage may be negotiated between employer and applicant. That said, there should be a balance between the work to be undertaken and the rate of pay.

A "thirteenth cheque" or extra bonus payment can be made at the discretion of the employer although if it has been stated in the contract that there will be a bonus, then the employee has to make this payment.

Foreign nationals with a residence B permit are taxed at the source.