Vehicle Insurance and Road Traffic Accidents in Switzerland

Traffic accident on Swiss roads? Find out who to call and how to fill in the accident report after a car crash...

Car insurance is compulsory by law. The owner of a vehicle is liable for damage sustained to a vehicle, or if someone is killed or injured.

Car insurance in Switzerland is usually expensive although foreign no claims bonus is often valid. Some insurance companies charge different rates to foreigners so it is worth shopping around and comparing prices.

Insurance must be in place before a car can be registered.

Third party insurance

This must be taken out for every motor vehicle used on the road. It only covers loss and damage suffered by third parties (exception: when the owner is also a passenger in their car).

Insurance premiums are fixed by insurance companies who generally grant policy holders a no claims bonus.

Fully comprehensive or collision insurance

This covers damage to the vehicle and is not compulsory. There is restricted cover and fully comprehensive cover.

Passenger insurance

This insurance is optional. It covers bodily injury to the insured person as a result of an accident that occurred when using the insured vehicle. The advantage of passenger insurance is that the insurer provides benefits irrespective of who is at fault in the event of a collision.

Green Card System

Switzerland is a signatory of the Green Card Insurance. The Green Card is not a required document as it is substituted by the national vehicle licence plates of Switzerland. The Green Card certifies that the motorist has at least the minimum third party insurance cover.