Animal Care Contacts in Zürich

Who to call for animal information, animal rights organisations and other associations for the protection of cats, dogs and other pet animals in Zürich and the surrounding regions...

In Zürich, pets (haustier or animal domestique) are defined as animals that are kept for the animal's sake or for companionship.

Dogs must have a rabies vaccination every two years from the age of six months.

Cats are not required to have rabies innoculation.

Dog Licences

Dog licences can be obtained from the local authorities. In Zürich contact the Dog Control Office (Hundekontrolle).

  • Hundekontrolle
    At: Gartenstrasse 14, 8027 Zürich
    Tel: 044 411 73 73

Animal Health

Veterinary hospitals (tierspital) have animal ambulances available for emergencies day and night.

The animal hospital in Zurich is also a research institute and has modern facilities for treatment and diagnosis of animal illnesses:

  • Kantonales Tierspital
    At: Winterthurerstrasse 260, 8057 Zurich
    Tel: +41 (0)1 635 81 11
    Emergency: +41 (0)1 635 81 14

Dangerous Dogs

Each canton in Switzerland has its own laws regarding ownership of dangerous dogs. In the cantons of Zug and Lucerne there aren't any special rules on holding certain breeds of dogs.

  • For information on pet legislation in Switzerland: Click here


In Zürich a law making the following breeds of dogs illegal within the canton was voted on 30 November 2008.

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Boerbull
  • Staffordshire Boerbull
  • American Pitbull

Dogs cross-bred with any of the above breeds will also be illegal. This law should come into effect on 1 January 2010.


In Basel there is a list of potential dangerous breeds of dogs. A person may not have more than one dangerous dog in one household. Only under strict circumstances it is possible.

Dogs considered dangerous in Basel include:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Pitbull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bullterrier
  • American Pitbull
  • Doberman
  • Dogue argentin
  • Fila brasileiro
  • Rottweiler

Owners of the above breed of dogs must contact the cantonal veterinary office who will inform them of the steps to be taken, for example requesting authorisation or dog training.

  • Basel-Stadt Cantonal Veterinary Office
    : Schlachthofstrasse 55, 4025 Basel
    Tel: 061 385 32 32
  • Basel-Land Cantonal Veterinary Office
    : Rufsteinweg 4, 4410 Liestal
    Tel: 061 925 59 04


In Berne there are specific measures concerning the ownership of dangerous dogs or dogs considered potentially dangerous. The owner must declare their dog to the Cantonal Veterinary Office who will decide on the measures that need to be taken by the owner (for example keeping it on a leash or muzzled at all times in public areas). A list of dogs that are considered dangerous in the Berne canton can be obtained from the Cantonal Veterinary Office.

  • Berne Cantonal Veterinary Office
    : Herrengasse 1, 3011 Berne
    Tel: 031 633 46 88

Zürich Organisations and Refuges

The SAP, Swiss Animal Protection (Schweizer Tierschutz STS or Protection Suisse des Animaux - PSA) has a list of refuges in each canton.

  • Swiss Animal Protection (SAP) 
    : Dornacherstrasse 101, P.O. Box 461, CH-4008 Basel
    Tel: 061 365 99 99
    Fax: 061 365 99 90

The German STS version of the website has more comprehensive information.

Zürich Canton

Zürcher Tierchutz: Refuge for dogs, cats and small animals. Animals are available for adoption.

Vier Pfoten (four paws): Animal protection association.

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