Swiss Postal Codes and the Post Office

How to send your post to the correct address in Switzerland...

Swiss Post is the national postal service in Switzerland. It has a comprehensive English-language website for people moving to or living in Switzerland, with information on mailing letters and parcels, banking services, tariffs and tracing mail and parcels.

Swisspost Customer Service line has an English-speaking service open Monday to Friday 07:30 to 18:00 and Saturday 08:00 to 12:00.

  • Tel: 0848 888 888

Postcodes in Switzerland

Switzerland uses a four digit postal code (Liechtenstein is also part of the system).

The postal code areas do not correlate directly with canton boundaries.

The prefix CH- is often used on international mail within Europe to designate Swiss postal codes.

Swiss Addresses

Addresses in Switzerland are often formatted as follows:

M Dupont Jean
Rue de Valais, 2
CH-1201 Geneva

  • The house or apartment number appears after the name of the street
  • The postal code appears before the town name
  • Swiss letterboxes are all set in/on walls

Forwarding Mail

Post can be forwarded to a new Swiss address for a period of one year. This service can be requested at the local post office, or it can be arranged online.